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Sunday, May 10, 2009

SMS: Lemon Icebox Cake with Fresh Strawberry Sauce

To all the Mothers out there I hope that today is the best and most beautiful Mother's Day you have ever had!

Sweet Melissa Sundays this week is a Lemon Icebox Cake with Fresh Strawberry Sauce from The Sweet Melissa Baking Book was chosen by Jennifer of Keep Passing the Open Windows. Since around our house this weekend it is just me and the two little kiddos I went ahead and cut the recipe to make just 1/3 of it which was enough to make two very cute mini 5-inch springforms.

To say that I liked this recipe would be to milk. I absolutely adored this recipe. It is a good thing I cut the recipe because otherwise I think I would have still snarfed down the full size version all by myself.

It was a little difficult from the title of the recipe to entirely figure out what this recipe is like, so here is my attempt at an in-depth description:

First, the crust. The original recipe calls for the use of vanilla wafer cookies, which I am actually not a huge fan of, so I substituted my favorite cookie, the beloved Oreo. I knew, since I love the combination of the slightly tart lemon with the chocolate (like in the Black and White Cookies I make) that I would like the combination here.

Second, the filling. It is a light lemony, tart and tangy, custard that is further lightened by the addition of some of the meringue (remainder saved for the top). The filling is just sweet enough with not being too sweet and is like eating smooth, creamy lemon mousse - when frozen the texture of the cake is amazing - when thawed it really becomes soft and light - it is really best frozen, but I didn't mind the few bites that had thawed either.

Last, the toppings. This is probably the best meringue I've ever had. It was just the right amount on top for me, a nice compliment, but not too tall and perfectly sweet and beautifully toasted from putting the entire cake in the oven for a few minutes. The strawberry sauce was a lovely addition as well. It tastes exactly like what you would think, fresh, sweet strawberries.

This is one recipe I know I will be making again and again. Thank you Jennifer! Check out more icebox cakes at the Sweet Melissa Sundays blogroll.

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