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Friday, October 10, 2008

Kid Friendly Friday #1: Mr. Crunch Sandwich


In an effort to keep track of ideas for things to feed the crazy five-year old monster (and yes, monster is a term of endearment in our house) I live with (and an effort to be more creative in feeding him) I am instigating Kid-Friendly Friday's. It is pretty much to keep me in line.

I need more ideas of easy to make, easy to eat, Aidan friendly meals that, hopefully, are somewhat healthy. I'm not saying these are going to be earth-shattering ideas or that they will be super duper nutritious. But, it will help me keep track of what he likes and what works.

Since Aidan's main source of food is still currently pretty much pancakes all the time, well, things could pretty much only go up from here.

For my first attempt I made something I am hereby dubbing a "Mr. Crunch Sandwich." Why? Well, to protect the innocent in this attempt and not have anyone accuse me of butchering any sacred cooking traditions I am not calling this what the idea was inspired from. The long and short of it is this is a grilled cheese and ham sandwich, dipped like french toast in a simple mixture of egg with a little salt, pepper and milk and fried in a little butter until hot, melty and a little crispy on the outside.

The Kiddo rated this one as five stars - which for him is the tops! We served along side some cold, crisp apple slices. We will be doing this one again I can tell.

Mr. Crunch Sandwich
Makes 1 sandwich

2 slices of sandwich bread of your choice, I had white on hand
1 slice American cheese (not my favorite choice, but this is what the kiddo likes)
1 slice black forest ham
1 teaspoon butter
1 large egg
1 Tablespoon non-fat milk
salt and pepper to taste

In a small, shallow bowl, beat the egg with the salt, pepper and milk to combine well.

Heat a grill pan to about 350 degrees (moderately high heat). Briefly heat the slice of ham to heat it well. Butter each slice of bread on the 'inside' of the sandwich and layer with the cheese and ham. Put the bread slices together and briefly dunk the sandwich on both sides in the egg mixture. Lightly butter the grill/griddle pan surface and place the egg-dipped sandwich in the buttered area. Cook until well browned and golden. Flip the sandwich and repeat the browning process on the other side, pressing the sandwich as flat as you can with the back of the spatula and browning the sandwich well.

Slice and serve.

Side ideas: Apple slices, carrots and ranch dressing, red seedless grapes, tomato soup, honey mustard sauce.



Deborah said...

It will be awhile before I have to feed a child. I'm just praying I won't have a picky child - but you don't always get what you want!! I think this one would please me as well!

Mary Ann said...

I have been doing something similar to this by posting a weekly lunchbox, once a week (obviously if it is weekly). I have been trying to get my 6 year old to try new things and be excited about home lunch. This looks yummy.

Di said...

I love it! I, too, have been struggling with finding things that my 5yo will eat. Pancakes are a favorite around here, though I think Brianna mostly survives on quesadillas (cheese & fat-free refried beans on whole wheat tortillas, so at least they're sort of healthy). I'd love to hear any ideas you come up with for getting the kiddos to eat more veggies.

Jamie Y said...

Just wanted you to know that I love your recipes and I nominated you for an award on my blog!

Megan said...

I started my "on the menu" feature for the same reason - to keep track of what I'm cooking and what everyone likes and dislikes. Great idea!!

Jenny said...

My kids love it when I do something like this - even better when I put slices of apple or pear inside the sandwich.
I'll be keeping my eye out on this event. :-)

Manggy said...

Aw, this brings back so many memories of my mom making us grilled cheese sandwiches! Of course now the roles have been reversed, haha! :) (American cheese is awesome!)

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