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Saturday, November 15, 2008

My Quibblo Personality Quiz Result for: The Dozen Cupcakes Quiz

The Dozen Cupcakes Quiz
Pancakes and Syrup Cupcake "you won't believe it: a pancake cupcake topped with maple buttercream, available with or without a piece of local bacon"

You are very laid back and very traditional. You like to spend your free time lounging around in flannel pajamas, sipping hot coffee and reading by the fireplace. Nothing much perturbs you, and you settle household disputes through "family conferences" around the kitchen table. Family is important to you, and during the holidays, your house is always full of relatives!
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Seriously, should it come as any surprise that 1) it is a PANCAKE cupcake and 2) there is bacon involved? I thought this quiz (at least my result) was spot on and funny enough to share. Now my question is, why don't I get the recipe with my results? Hmm? Quibblo I'm talking to you? I would TOTALLY make and eat these and maybe, just maybe I would stop eating chocolate cupcakes for breakfast. OK. That last part is a lie, but at least there would be some variety.

Speaking of cupcakes, check out the new theme, chosen by the latest Art You Eat winner, the fabulous CB (aka Clara) at i♥cuppycakes! and her oh so darling Caramel Apple Cupcakes for the Autumn round of competition. Get ready to make some inspired cupcake madness!


Manggy said...

Aww! :) I think it may be an actual cupcake that's being sold. Based on what I was able to find on Google, it may be found in... Pennsylvania. MAYBE. Maybe we ought to just hunt for maple syrup cupcakes and make them our own :)

Peabody said...

A pancake cupcake with bacon...I need to find this. NOW.

CB said...

Ooohhh might have to try to make a pancake cupcake now! I swear I did this quiz on my cupcake blog but now I can't find it so I took it again. I got the Copacobana Cupcake! Belle of the ball? NOT! haha.

Jaime said...

haha - i love it. pancake and bacon cupcake! perfect

Suzana said...

Oh my, I had such a blast!! I am a decadent dark chocolate cupcake - how surprising! Thanks for sharing. ;-)

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