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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

YWPWT: Chocolate Tartlets

The Sugar:  They are tiny, darling, easy to make and a real knock-out to eat.  What's not to love?

The Snark:  They are tiny, darling, easy to make and about knocked me on my butt with how good they are.  Their size makes them good for portion control... right?  Right.  As in, I had a hard time controlling myself from eating everyone's portions.

The Spice:  I thought about various ways to try to dress these up, but frankly, there is a reason that the little black dress is a classic and I'm not one to mess with perfection.  These are simple and elegant in the very best of ways.
This month's You Want Pies With That? is all about the straw that could break the camel's back, I mean, if the camel knew that if someone put one more straw on his back that he would be a goner.  In words that actually make sense, it is about that pie or tart recipe that could make you break your New Year's Resolutions (if you made them - which I am doing the anti-resolution this year myself anyway, but the point is the same).  The genius's behind this theme are Nic of Bakeologie and Carrie of Cooking With Carrie.  My thanks go out to Susan for creating this fun group and for keeping it up, it has been crazy busy and I'm so glad to be able to work with her on this (and for the extension - though I am not happy it is because she isn't feeling well!!  Hope you are better by the time you read this, if not sooner, Sus!)  

By the way, if you have little kiddo's, don't miss Susan's shoe giveaway going on right now over at the always fun and fantastic (with the best reviews!) She's Becoming DoughMESStic.  They are just way too cute to resist!

It is all about that pie recipe that you couldn't resist, even in the face of best intentions.  As a matter of fact, there are still a couple of these darling little chocolate ganache filled tartlets sitting in my kitchen waiting to break me... I mean waiting to be eaten.

I have had Robert Linxe's Chocolate Tart recipe bookmarked over at Smitten Kitchen, well, ever since I found them.  Especially since the recipe comes from Dorie Greenspan's Paris Sweets book.  The thing about these little tarts is that it is so easy to make, and if you like chocolate at all then these could break you too.  Think, buttery cookie crust with just enough sweet and salty to balance out an extremely rich and smooth chocolate truffle filling.  It couldn't be any easier to make and definitely couldn't be any easier to enjoy. In my opinion, that makes these an ultimate guilty pleasure because there is so little effort and work involved for such wonderful results. 

Speaking of guilty pleasures, like dark chocolate, which as I mentioned above, is actually good for us with all those great antioxidants, I thought I would come clean on a few of my guilty pleasures.  Do I actually feel guilt about them?  No, not really.  I was told a few days ago that was a sign of maturity on my part, but frankly, I just don't worry too much about whether it is something silly or not.  I just enjoy what I can.  There is enough bad stuff in life to go around without sucking all the joy out of the things you enjoy in life.

So, confession time - my 'guilty' pleasures (besides the obvious sugar and chocolate addiction):
Romance/Suspense/Mystery Novels:  I am an avid reader, but I don't read biographies or things that will "make the world a better place".  I probably should, but when I read, I'm not ashamed to admit it is for an escape from reality.  I'm purely there for entertainment value.  I have enough reality in my life, I am fine with giving myself a break and trying to take a trip to somewhere else.  I'm not saying that all books are great, because they are not, but some consistent winners and my personal favorite are from Nora Roberts (and all her books as J.D. Robb too).  She is a fantastic writer and really knows how to make you feel involved in the lives of your characters and get to know and love them.

TV Melodramas:  Again, I'm looking for entertainment and that is fine by me.   My current favorites are Privileged, 90210 (don't ask me why?!), and Psych - which is just so fun and silly and hilarious and well written that I always laugh my head off, no matter how bad of a mood I'm in.  I didn't discover Psych until a couple of months ago and have been recording everyone to enjoy after the kids are asleep and I need a real break.  Privileged is also well written and very entertaining.  I think 90210 is more like the train wreck you just can't look away from, but I still watch anyway.  We also love NCIS, which is just a great show.  I don't get out much with two little kids anymore, so this is my grown-up entertainment.

So, what is my point?  Well, that I thoroughly enjoying snacking on a couple of these little darlings with their creamy truffle filling while enjoying a couple of those shows.  It was a great way to unwind after a frustrating day.


Just look at how creamy and glossy the warm ganache is before it sets up!  I could have just eaten them up like this, but actually, it is worth it to wait and let them set up.  I did at least make them small tartlets so that they were easier to give a few away - in theory anyway.



Mary said...

Wow. Those look really amazing and I want one right now. They look amazing good.

And marshmallow fluff is my guilty pleasure and yes I feel guilty about it.

Anonymous said...

Those look so good and yummy. They are definitely a resolution breaker.

TeaLady said...

I am speechless!!!! These chocolate tarts look to die for. And after the pear tarts. Wow, girl, you are on a roll.

Tania said...

Oh my goodness! How yummy looking. I will have to try something like these soon. They look flawless! You are a fabulous baker.
Love Big, Bake Often

LaDue & Crew said...

Reading your posts and dieting don't mix! I'm allergic to moderation! These look so amazing... ever since I saw them I have been trolling my house looking for a substitute! (there isn't any!)

Peabody said...

Oh my, look at all those little tarts of sin! Yum.

suz said...

These look so fabulously amazing I don't know whether to salivate or scroll down. Plus I share your addiction to TV Melodramas. Psych comes back this Fri 1/9!

AmyRuth said...

I think just reading about these is going to make me gain 5 lbs. They are beautiful!

Natashya said...

Those are so cute! They look just perfect too.

The Food Librarian said...

Oh my god! These look wonderful!!! I'm watching Real Housewives of the OC (don't ask, it is like a train wreck with lots of cleavage), Ugly Betty, Leverage, House, and Top Chef. Yeah, I'm the librarian who doesn't have time to read because I'm baking and watching TV! :)

Jen H said...

These are so cute! And so very delicious looking. I think I'd eat a whole batch while curled up reading a trashy novel.

Marthe said...

These tarts look divine!! I'm watching Ghostwhisperer, Moonlight, Ugly Betty and The Mentalist. Ow and at the moment reruns of Ally Macbeal

LyB said...

I don't think I could resist one (or three) of those dark little beauties! My, do they look delicious! My fave TV show right now is "Life", Damian Lewis is fabulous! Oh, and "Lost", I can't wait for the new season to start. :)

Manggy said...

Ooh, American Idol in less than a week. THAT is my ultimate guilty pleasure. OK, it's really Top Model :)
I will be thinking of your yummy tarts then ;)

Gigi said...

yum. i love awesome the dark chocolate filling looks. ...mmm!

Di said...

Mmm, those look fabulous. And dangerous. =) I love Nora Roberts/JD Robb, too. I picked up Salvation in Death from the library on my way to work yesterday and finished it this morning.

Carrie said...

Aren't these the cutest little tarts! They look delicious!

Joy the Baker said...

Oh Holly! These totally have my mouth watering! Out of control! I'm so glad you kept them classic. You're right about the little black dress and the chocolate tart. Sometimes things are best unfussed with. Love!

Jacque said...

I am totally impressed with your perfectly browned tartlet shells. Wow!

They are adorable and sound delish.

mimi said...

dear goodness these look amazingly delicious! wow great tartlets. i am glad my resolutions had nothing to do with weight this time ;-)

Deborah said...

Yeah, I wouldn't be able to resist these!!

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