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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tweet Up Party and Sweet Tooth Fairy CUPCAKES!

Sweet Tooth Fairy Cupcake Flavors Shown:
Double Chocolate Fudge, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Black & White, Key Lime,
Chocolate Vanilla, Toasted Coconut, Red Velvet, Orange, Strawberry Shortcake

This past Tuesday night I was lucky enough to have a really great friend who was willing to watch the boys for me while I trekked on down to Orem for a preview of the catering we will be having at the upcoming Moms Who Make It Conference - being held July 16 at Noah's in South Jordan - more about the catering soon!

Just after the catering taste testing at Utah Celebrations Catering, we headed down to the Sweet Tooth Fairy in Provo. It is this adorable, comfy and yet chic bakeshop where they make cookies, cake bites, brownies, wedding cakes, and of course, cupcakes! In fact, they were even featured on Rachael Ray. All the gorgeous creations you see above were goodies that were provided for all the moms who attended this fun mom's night out. Lucky, lucky us!

This little get together was, of course, to help promote the conference and tell more Moms all about it. We ate cupcakes, we talked, we shared stories, we laughed, we sympathized, we tweeted, and most importantly we all heard more about the inspiration behind the upcoming conference - which is basically how to be empowered and inspired to take the hard things that come our way in life, and not let them define who we are.

Among those in attendance were @jylMomIF, @emihill, @evonnesell, @ajpassey,
@petit_elefant, @inevergrewup, @keepingupwmom, @sweetlifeinthe, @momswhomakeit, and of course the genius behind the event, Quinn @createdbymom as well as her product manager, Crystal. Needless to say, with this group of incredible gals, it was a blast and I was so glad I made it!

This conference really isn't to be missed, and since the organizers were savvy enough to break it up into portions, for those of you that can't make it to the entire day, you can still at least join in for a part of it (though, if at all possible, you should take the day for yourself - your family will be better for it).

It's Nie Nie's Birthday!
Get Your VaNIElla Squared cupcakes!
This Saturday, June 27

The cupcakes were heavenly and so is Megan, owner of the Sweet Tooth Fairy. In fact, if you live in Utah anywhere even remotely near Provo - then you really should go to their shop this Saturday and buy yourself some cupcakes - especially the VaNIElla ones. (Actually, they ship, so order some cupcakes!)

That name isn't a typo either. This Saturday is the one and only Nie Nie's birthday and to celebrate the Sweet Tooth Fairy is donating ALL PROCEEDS from sales of their renamed vanilla cupcakes - Nie Nie's favorite - to her family and the Arizona Burn Center. If you haven't ever read the NieNie dialogues, then you really should. When I grow up, I want to be as inspiring and wonderful as NieNie.

Obviously, this cupcake was mine - you'll have to get your own!

Stay tuned for details on another Tweet Up Party
to be held in Salt Lake County on Tuesday, June 30th!


Ria said...

*Gasp* Brilliant cupcakes!!!Looks like you had so much fun! :)

Manggy said...

Looks like MWMI is shaping up to be a pretty rockin' event! :) I wanna cupcake!!

Sell...Party Of 3 said...

What a GREAT the picture of Paige and I! We need to get some photos of you girl!! =) Next tweet up, you are going to get in front of the camera instead of behind it.

Katrina said...

How fun! Wish I was in Utah County right now! Sigh. Great photos. Yum to the cupcakes!

The Food Librarian said...

What a fun time! Looks like a fun group of friends.

Anonymous said...

Looks like it was a great time!

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