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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

You know I looooove Chocolate...

So, when darling Quinn of Limelight Food Photography and (the same darling friend who put together my blog's new look) let me know that the Sassy gals over at Sassy Scoops were doing a giveaway that would give a lucky winner a chance to attend one of Caputo's chocolate classes - well, let's just say, I don't think I've ever competed to enter a blog contest so much in my life! I wanted to share the opportunity with you all as well.

Go check out the Sassy's review here and enter!


Quinn said...

Awww, thanks for mentioning, Holly! I hope you win, girl! The chocolate class is AWESOME!!!

Dolce said...

Yes, chocolate :) Thank you!

s said...

I hope u do win..I do have an award for visit my blog to collect it!

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