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Saturday, September 25, 2010

GIVEAWAY: Movie Pre-Screening Tickets & Gift Basket

Winners will be chosen

Earlier this week I got a nice email from the folks over at Oh! Nuts about their partnership with Warner Bros. for the new movie that is coming out called "Life As We Know It" which looks absolutely hilarious!

They are holding a sweepstakes that anyone can enter and to try to help promote the sweepstakes and movie they offered me a movie gift basket and tickets to go to a pre-screening of the movie.  Cool, right?

Well, the thing is, I don't live in one of the major cities where the pre-screening will be held.  BUT... perhaps YOU do?!  So, I can give away those two tickets to one of you so that you and a guest can check out the pre-screening.  Please be sure to mention your city in the comments - no anonymous comments please.  If I can't reach you, I'll have to pick someone else.  Time is of the essence because they need the ticket info by Monday!

Here is a portion of the email I received:
“Oh! Nuts is partnering with Warner Bros. Entertainment to promote their upcoming movie “Life As We Know It.” We will be hosting an online sweepstakes offering a chance to win a family trip for 4 to Hollywood, CA.
For more information about the sweepstakes, check out the website at:
As an added incentive… to enter the sweepstakes…, we can offer you two tickets to a prescreening of the movie for you to use anyway you like. You can enjoy them yourself, or you can give them away to readers of your blog.          
 Available cities for the movie pre-screening:
New York City
Los Angeles
San Diego
San Francisco
Miami/Ft. Lauderdale
San Jose
Now, since someone in or near those cities needs to win the movie tickets it seems only fair someone else that can't go to the movie should get the fun swag basket.  

SO.  How do you enter to win? I think we can all use a good laugh, so please share one thing about parenting you weren't expecting or that surprised you - the good, the bad, the ugly, whatever! Whether you're a parent or not, I'll bet you still have an opinion - after all, we've all been kids so have some perspective one way or another.

Please make sure to mention in your comment if you are entering for the tickets
(including the City you would go to the pre-screening in) or the movie gift basket!
Be sure to enter the sweepstakes at


Brooke said...

Would love to win the movie gift basket! Unfortunately, I don't live near any of these cities! :(
The most surprising thing for me about being a Mom was the feeling of doom that falls over you every time your child gets ill. Maybe it is just me, or because my baby was 2 1/2 months premature but I felt like there was nothing right in the world when she would get sick.
I was also very surprised at the distance milk can squirt and how much mess breast feeding can make when you are first starting out! YUCK! :D

meeyeehere said...

I live in Mississippi so I not only live far from those locations,I live far off from everywhere.Anyway,I wish people had warned me the danger of little baby boys and how they pee on you all the time! Every time I would change that child he would pee,no matter what I did,I got peed on. Now I am potty training and I wish I had been warned about boys and potty training.Now when he sits to pee pee he pee pees across the room

Jamie said...

I would love to win the tickets. We live about an hour from Chicago and this would be an amazing "girl's night out" for me. I feel like I rarely get out anymore so this would be a great excuse!

I never expected parenting to be anything like it is! All of the responsibility -- all of the moments when I just want to rip my hair out! But I love them so much and I hope that they'll turn out alright in the end! This morning, before our day had even started, Bo spilled his cereal on the floor and both girls crawled through it. I just chalked it up to another load of laundry and started cleaning up the mess!

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