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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mrs. Cavanaugh's Chocolate Deal

I'm sure by now everyone is well aware that Valentine's Day isn't too far away (um, that would be next Monday in case you weren't aware ") 

Are you ready?  Do you have your gifts? Are you planning to give something to your kids, or their teachers, or your best friend, or whoever?

To help you with your holiday preparations (or to make your life easier if you need to point someone in the right direction for a gift hint) this year you have help getting the best deal on chocolates around Utah.

The Deal Pickle, a local Utah company, is offering a limited number of $25 value gift certificates for only $12.50 to Mrs. Cavanaugh's - thats a whopping 50% OFF.  

While you're on the Deal Pickle too, make sure to see what other deals they have because you can get a lot more great offers for dinners, cleaning service (seriously, that is what I would want for a gift!!), spa services, fun places to go like indoor skydiving or rock wall climbing, and more.  You can make out like a bandit for half price!

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