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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sticky Buns - Courtesy of Steamy Kitchen

In the typical hilarity that is my post-pregnancy life, I am now gaining the weight I needed to gain during the pregnancy and having all the cravings. Not entirely fair since now I would like to eat healthier, but let's face it, it's winter and we are homebound til May (and here is the public service announcement to really wash, wash, wash your hands this season!). Everyday I start out with the intention of eating better and exercising. So far (see, I AM an optomist!) that hasn't happened.

Now, I'm not in any way blaming all of you beautiful bloggers with your tempting treats and delicious looking dishes just crying out for me to cook and try. I'm not. I'm just admitting that I am weak. Aside from that, I know that I will never fully modify the way I eat. So, really the goal is to just eat more healthy things too and to exercise. I figure since I had a c-section only 3 months ago now, that I am still on the front end of this guilt trip.

So, on to the cravings. I am a carb freak. You know those diets where people give up carbs... yeah, me, never gonna' happen. Not a chance. Don't hold your breath. I live on carbs. Sadly for me, the craving comes in with the delicous cinnamon roll (of which I will blog in the near future I am sure) and its evil fashionista twin - the sticky bun. With its toasted pecans and glistening golden caramel, who can resist. Certainly not me.

This lead me to my craving dilemma of the past three weeks. No time with an active 4 year old boy and a time demanding (alright, all-consuming) preemie at home to care for. Seriously, it was hard to find time to cook before the baby got here, but when he came 7 weeks early, the world got rocked (at least in our corner). So, here I am with a huge craving for this comforting item (and after going through 28 days in the NICU with a preemie and then bringing him home while still in shock) I think I am completely entitled to indulge. (Yes, that is me justifying making these).

Anyway - thanks to Jaden over at Steamy Kitchen, I found the time to make these Sticky Buns. As I told Jaden on her post I was completely twitterpated when I saw this recipe. It looked wonderful and the process would actually afford me the time and lee-way to make the rolls without being on a set schedule. The beauty of making the dough and leaving it alone til I was ready, instead of the other way around, was awesome. The only thing I did a little differently (aside from having too much dough for my pan) was to add a little honey and cream (only about a tablespoon each) to the caramel topping mixture.

Oh, and this is what I used the rest of the dough for. Just a quick loaf that we used for grilled ham and cheese sandwiches to go with some cream of tomato soup a couple of days later.

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