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Monday, February 18, 2008

Remember These - A Do-Over - Sweet Bacon Chicken Bites

So, a quick note. I made these the first time a few days or so before the Superbowl.
They were super yummy, so I thought, "Yeah, I'll make these for game day."
This was before I found out we were actually going to have people over to watch the game.
Anyway, the point quickly is this little lesson learned.

I need to learn how to NOT fiddle with a recipe I haven't yet tried. I should have known better and frankly, it was a last minute addition the first time when I added the pecans to the mix. They were delicious, but they weren't as tasty as these turned out.

The point here folks, is whichever way you try them, these are G-O-O-D and addictive.
That said, Miss Paula had it right in the first place, and I therefore,
will make her recipe (or close to it).

1 comment:

Deborah said...

You are killing me!! I don't get lunch for 15 more minutes, and I was starving already!

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