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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Art You Eat #2 Round-Up - Eggs!

All the entries are in and the round-up is posted and ready for voting. Make sure to vote for your favorite of the three finalists, as chosen by Inge of African Vanielje, last month's challenge winner for chocolate and the creator of this month's theme - Eggs & Egg Shapes.

We had amazing entries from even more amazing bloggers. Thanks again to everyone that participated and I hope you will all join in the fun again next month. Once all the votes are in I'll announce the winner and their chosen theme.

For my contribution to the Eggs & Egg Shapes theme I chose to try to utilize some of both, eggs and their shapes. It may seem like a simple idea to do, but I couldn't quite get the egg shells right (I have shell-coloring issues - go figure) and ended up with a lot of white streaks and spots. Oh well, the chocolate truffle filled egg was still delicious to eat and fun to try to make.

For the directions I used Martha Stewart's website with directions here (except, admittedly, I did not break out the drill and I didn't have a syringe around to blow the egg out - next time I will try to use all the tools suggested and see if this works better.)

Next year, I will try this again, but I want to try filling them with caramel, raspberry white chocolate, Nutella or peanut butter, just to name a few flavor combos I've thought of so far.

Now, enough about me, go check out the round-up!

Thanks again everyone!

1 comment:

Amanda said...

Those are some really gorgeous eggs! They make me want to start eating sugar again... yum!

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