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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

EVENT ROUND-UP: Little Wonders Made By Lots of Wonderful People!!

Here it is! The Blogging for Babies - Little Wonders Event Round-up! Enjoy browsing the amazing little creations made by all the wonderful bloggers who were able to participate in this little event. These fabulous people are helping me spread the word and raise awareness about the March of Dimes and their March for Babies fundraiser. Their mission is all about research and advocacy for mom's and babies - they are working so that one day, every baby can be born healthy - but as they say, we have to walk to get there.

These wonderful friends below helped me spread the word about our family's participation in the March for Babies this coming Saturday and we are very excited. There are scheduled to be almost 2,000 people at the walk being held at Wheeler Farm here in Utah. To add to our excitement we have family coming from out of town to walk with us and my husband's skydiving team are going to be jumping in with the American flag at the opening ceremonies during the national anthem. We are excited that we can help make the event a little bit more exciting for all the wonderful participants that are coming to walk for this amazing cause.

Again, the whole purpose of this event was to get the word out about the March of Dimes and the work that they do. If you are able to donate to sponsor our family in the march, please just click on the banner at the top of the page (or click here) and donate any amount that you can. For the back story on why we are so passionate about this, you can read the full story or even check out our little family blog.

For my little contribution to the little wonders madness, here is a picture of the Dulce de Leche Duos out of BFMHTY. They are amazing! I will post the recipe with the announcement of the winners next week (just so I can get this roundup posted)!

I have some prizes for the top three "people's choice" winners of the event.
So, make sure to check out everyone's posts and then email me to tell me your favorites.
The top three will win their choice of three "prize packages" that I have.

Email your votes for your favorites to me at phemomenon AT gmail DOT com
Voting closes on April 30th.

Thank you again (and again and again) to everyone who participated for
your support of our little family and such a good cause!


Eve from Berkeley, California in the Garden of Eating sent this
Tropical Fruit Baby Bib that looks good enough to eat.

Melissa from Atlanta, Georgia of the Mighty Muffin Blog made Mini Lemon Glazed Madeleines

Stephanie, at Dispensing Happiness who "Plays well with food" made these amazing and delicious looking little Bite-Sized Vanilla-Hazelnut French Toast, with Nutella. She has also very kindly donated a brand new copy of Small Bites, Big Nights as a prize for this event.


Angel, another Utahn, from American Fork and Angel's Bento Blog
made these cute little Heart and Star Shaped Cakes.

Libby, fabulous Mom of the Allergic Kid made these absolutely wonderful
Apple Baby Cakes as a special favor for all of us preemie Moms who wonder what
to give a one-year old who developmentally isn’t one yet, as a birthday cake.

Susan from Florida at Sticky, Gooey, Creamy, Chewy made these
simply beautiful Lemon Yogurt Cakelets.

Smita from New York of Traveling Tummy made these yummy Mini Matza Pizzas.

Elly from Chicago at Elly Says Opa, after eating something similar at a restaurant, created her own version and made Baby Pistachio Cheesecakes with Cherries on top that look marvelous.

Lysy at Munchkin Mail made Tiny Turkish Delights which look like
such a tempting and lovely little treat.

Harini, aka the lovely Sunshinemom, blogging at Tongue Ticklers from India sent
two wonderful little creations she made, Mango Cream Shortcakes and Besan ka Chilla.


Rachel, another lovely blogger from India, at Tangerine's Kitchen Hangout
made this vibrant homemade Strawberry Jelly.

Chris from Atlanta, Georgia, at Mele Cotte made these darling little cannoli
Sweet Gondolas that look almost too cute to eat - almost.

Priya in California at 365 Days of Pure Vegetarian made the cutest little Lunchbox Mini-Sandwiches that anyone would be thrilled to find at lunch time or any other time.

Madhuram over at Eggless Cooking made these sweet treat little Mini Chocolate Pizzas.

Helen, the one and only, lovely and delightful Tartelette made these
simply perfect Ispahan Cupcakes in honor of a friend and her preemie baby.

Chriesi, from Zurich, Switzerland, and the beautiful, Almond Corner made
a delicious creation of Polenta and Feta with Baby Eggplants.

Arfi, of wonderful HomeMadeS made these darling little
Peanut Butter Cookies as “Biscuits for Cole.”

Barbara, blogging from the Gold Coast, Queensland Australia, and of course,
the fabulous blog winos and foodies made Moroccan Haloua with Dates
that look like a perfect little confection to make, and share
(if you don’t eat them all yourself like I would).

Y in Sydney, Australia at Lemonpi made these fun and delicious
looking little cupcake called Lumberjack Cupcakes.

Aran from Florida, at the beautiful Cannelle Et Vanille made darling little
Mini Carrot Cupcakes as a great healthy snack for her darling
preschooler neighbor to share with her classmates. Lucky kids!

Melanie, my good friend and go-to gal for great ideas for dinner, at My Kitchen Cafe,
made these really neat and seriously delicious looking Solid Peanut Butter Cups.

Jen, blogging from one of my favorite cities, Boston, is the Beantown Baker.
She had me at mini cupcakes, but then she added chocolate - twice - and there are
even sweet surprises inside - check out her Chocolate Chocolate Cupcakes.

Special Mentions:
Kate, at the Clean Plate Club, wasn’t able to make anything for the event, but she did make this absolutely adorable shirt which she has kindly and generously donated as one of the prizes for this event. You should check out her website to see all the other darling baby/toddler clothes she illustrates. Thanks again Kate!

Gabi, my food blogging friend and fellow Utahn, of The Feast Within, was also kind enough to help spread the word about the March as well.

Also, Michael, from Buttons of Hope, makes buttons for special causes. If you have need of his services, go check out his blog at Behind the Button.


Barbara said...

Fabulous Holly. Lots of new ideas and new blogs to discover. Good luck on the walk.

Kalyn Denny said...

Great job on this event. (Plus I just added two more Utah bloggers to my list!)

Unknown said...

Wonderful entries. Well done, everyone. Good job, Holly!!

Susan @ SGCC said...

Great roundup, Holly! So many beautiful little morsels to nibble on! I'm looking forward to next year's event!

Sunshinemom said...

Thanks Holly for opening up so many blogs for me! You've done a great job of the round up!

Elle said...

I'm so sorry i missed this! Everyone's entries look amazing!

Eve Fox said...

Thanks Holly!
Awesome roundup!

Deborah said...

Oh, Holly - I'm so sorry I missed this! I actually had something picked out to make, but this past weekend was just way too busy. What a great round up, though. I'm glad so many people participated!

CB said...

Adorable roundup! of course you know I love all the cupcakes. ;) I think the mini carrot cakes are my favorite ♥

Unknown said...

What a great roundup! Everyone's creations look delicious!

Helene said...

Great round Holly! What a nice spread of flavors and tastes!

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