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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Gruyere Cheese Stuffed Bread


Before I made this bread I had a whole lot of wonderful ideas in mind to write about how much I love visiting Farmers' Markets and how great they are. The problem is that now every time I think about this bread everything else just fades away into oblivion while my eyes and mind start to glaze over and I completely lose my train of thought. It is just that good. Ridiculously good.

So, this post is going to be abnormally short for me with just a lot of pictures. The bread, hot out of the oven is stellar, but even cold it is just so ridiculously good that I will now openly admit that I ate all of this for lunch, without even anything to go with it, and literally decided to hoard it all for myself. I did offer some to Aidan, but he was too focused on trying to get candy from me that he declined. Oh, so sad... more for me!! Now, before you think I am a complete glutton, I did only make half the recipe shown below, and I savored the bread over the span of a few hours - but, I could eat this everyday and be a very happy girl.

Park across the street from Gardners' Market - so beautiful!

I do think that the quality of the cheese you use makes a difference, and I was very excited that I did get to go to the Gardners' Market while visiting my parents and that I got to get some Rock Hill Creamery gruyere cheese. They are a small, artisan type operation and they even have a blog, with the too cute name Holy Cows. If you are in the Continental U.S. you can even buy their cheese online. It was so worth it.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go get groceries and buy more cheeses to try this bread with.



Gruyère-Stuffed Crusty Loaves
Adapted from the King Arthur Flour website

Step-by-step photos illustrating how to make this bread are available at Bakers’ Banter, the King Arthur blog.

1 1/4 cups (5 1/4 ounces) unbleached bread flour (I used all-purpose flour)
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon instant yeast
1/2 cup (4 ounces) cool water

To make the starter:
Mix the 1 1/4 cups flour, salt, yeast, and 1/2 cup water in a medium-sized bowl. Mix till well combined. Cover and let rest overnight at room temperature.

All of the starter
1 cup + 2 tablespoons (9 ounces) to 1 1/4 cups (10 ounces) lukewarm water*
1 teaspoon salt
3 1/2 cups (14 3/4 ounces) unbleached bread flour (I used all-purpose flour)
1/2 teaspoon instant yeast

* Use the greater amount of water in winter, when conditions are dry; and the lesser amount in summer, when the weather is humid.

2 1/2 cups (10 ounces) grated Gruyère cheese, or the grated/shredded cheese of your choice

To make the dough:
Combine the risen starter with the water, salt, flour, and yeast. Knead—by hand, mixer, or bread machine set on the dough cycle—to make a smooth dough. Place it in a lightly greased bowl, cover, and let it rise for 1 1/2 to 2 hours, till it’s nearly doubled in bulk.

Gently deflate the dough, and pat and stretch it into a ¾"-thick rectangle, about 9" x 12". Spritz with water, and sprinkle with the grated cheese. Starting with a long side, roll it into a log, pinching the seam to seal. Place the log, seam-side down, on a lightly floured or lightly oiled surface. Cover it and let it rise for 1 to 1 1/2 hours, till it’s puffy though not doubled in bulk.

Towards the end of the rising time, preheat the oven to 425°F. Gently cut the log into four crosswise slices, for mini-breads; or simply cut the dough in half, for two normal-sized loaves.

Place them on one (for two loaves) or two (for four mini-loaves) lightly greased or parchment-lined baking sheets, cut side up. Spread them open a bit, if necessary, to more fully expose the cheese. Spritz with warm water, and immediately place them in the preheated oven. Bake for 20 minutes (for the mini-loaves), or 35 minutes (for the full-sized loaves), or until the cheese is melted and the loaves are a very deep golden brown. Remove them from the oven, and cool on a rack.

four mini-loaves or two standard-size loaves.

©2007 The King Arthur Flour Company, Inc. All Rights Reserved.



Deborah said...

I a carb-o-holic, so of course I want some of this!! I often just snack on leftover bread treats for meals - don't feel guilty!

Anonymous said...

YOu made me drool over this for days, evil woman! Come bake me some, and I'll... let you weed my garden!

Anonymous said...

Those look incredible. Bread and cheese really are ultimate.

Jaime said...

WOW, those look so good!

Manggy said...

Oh, that is some fanTAStic cheese bread! I wish fresh gruyere came cheap around these parts!! :P (No, you didn't sound gluttonous at all, heh heh :)

Libby said...

That looks amazing. I want some! (P.S. Does the visit to the farmers' market mean that quarantine is over?) Libby

Elly said...

This looks so good it makes me cry. Seriously! Gruyere is one of my favorite cheeses. And all gooey and yummy with freshly baked bread? Sign me up!

Elly said...
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Elly said...
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Helene said...

Isn't this bread just awesome?!! I have made it 3 times already and the rolls were a better visual for me also the last time!!

Anonymous said...

Mmm...I love gruyere cheese. I think it might actually be my favorite kind of cheese. So this bread looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

bread...cheese...what else does one need to live, save for the occasional piece of chocolate and maybe some good beer? although in all honesty, i could make do with only the bread and cheese if necessary.

My Sweet & Saucy said...

I love cheesy bread! These look sooo good!

Anonymous said...

Oh Holly! Stop yourself! You are speaking to my heart with this recipe! This bread looks incredible. And what an awesome hunk of cheese! Serious Yum! I've had pretzels on my mind, but I think these might win out. Just beautiful!

Mary Ann said...

That looks so tasty! I have been wanting to visit the local Farmers Market as well, but it doesn't start for a couple more weeks. YUM!

Jenny said...

How good does this bread look!? I'd be eating it right at this very second if it was sitting on my counter!

Really beautiful!

Joy @ Joy Of Desserts said...

Great photos, Holly. I love our Farmers' Market too. This sounds like an awesome recipe and I'm going to have to make some.

Suzana said...

Beautiful bread, Holly! Looks absolutely stunning. I'd have one right away. Mmmmm

test it comm said...

Those look so good! Is there anything better than fresh cheese bread still warm from the oven?

Pam said...

Those look amazing! My mouth is watering.

Mike of Mike's Table said...

This looks amazing :o I eat more than my fair share of bread, and that melty gruyere filling would be the end of me. I want it!

Jersey Girl Cooks said...

Wow, this is some delicious looking bread!

Melanie said...

This looks so, so good and something I could devour single-handedly, too!

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