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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

GNO at Wild Grape Bistro

Warm, Crusty, Freshly Made Artisan Bread with Whipped Honey Butter

I was lucky enough last week to actually get to take a night off and go out with a super fun group of gals. We got together for a beautiful dinner at new-to-me local hot spot, the Wild Grape Bistro. It was so comfortable and friendly inside, while still being elegant and inviting. While most of their dinner menu was probably more advanced than my simple palate, it was really fun to read their menu and see all the gourmet offerings they have come up with. The fact that I really wasn't too adventurous was due in large part this time around to the fact that many of their dishes sounded much larger or filling than my pregnant stomach can handle, or for that matter, had elements to them that didn't strike me as preggo friendly - but that is just me. Everyone ordered something different and really seemed to enjoy what they had.

Open-Faced Prime Rib Sandwich and Butternut Squash Soup

As for me, I'm planning to head back in for their menu that really strikes my imagination - BRUNCH. With things on the menu like Nutella stuffed french toast, crusted with hazelnuts and Beignets with chocolate sauce - oh baby. I can't wait! Hopefully that will happen soon.

In the mean time, here is a bit of a roundup from the rest of the group via their Twitter id's. Thanks again for an awesome night out ladies!

@slcfoodie at Vintage Mixer

@slclunches who is a fellow Examiner - the Salt Lake City Lunch Examiner

@TwoPeasandPod at Two Peas and Their Pod.

@BarbaraBakes at Barbara Bakes.

@foodfinery at Food Finery.

@thetablerunner: Mother of @littletweet and blogging at The Table Runner.


Maria said...

I am so glad you came. It was a fun night. We need to get together more often.

Barbara Bakes said...

It really was a fun night! So glad you could make it! Their brunch really does sound amazing! My lamb pasta dish was fabulous!

Amanda said...

I am so jealous :( There are no other food bloggers around me boohoo! Sounds like you had so much fun, so happy for you and hope your pregnancy is going well :)

TeaLady said...

sounds like a good time was had by all. That open faced looks very yummy!!!

Dolce said...

Gosh, the breaad looks fantastic...

Cristie said...

It was so nice to meet you that night and the food was great! I should have tried that bread, it looks wonderful.

Simple in the Kitchen said...

Looks good yummy, I'll have to try it! Love your new blog design!

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