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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Giveaway Winners

The 'Life As We Know It' gift basket from Warner Bros. and Oh! Nuts goes out to Brooke (comment #1)
Apparently none of you were able to take advantage of the prescreening, so no winner for those.

Here's what Brooke had to say about parenting surprises - boy, can I relate!  Made me laugh out loud!

The most surprising thing for me about being a Mom was the feeling of doom that falls over you every time your child gets ill. Maybe it is just me, or because my baby was 2 1/2 months premature but I felt like there was nothing right in the world when she would get sick.
I was also very surprised at the distance milk can squirt and how much mess breast feeding can make when you are first starting out! YUCK! :D

Don't forget, you can still enter the movie sweepstakes here!

The Macy's $25 gift card's lucky winner is Natalie Jane (comment #7)

Here is what Natalie Jane had to say about Macy's new campaign commercial... I want to know how she knows this ;)
I like that it really does look like that in the Macy's employee section! Except for all the elves...

Ladies, please email me with your mailing address (phemomenon {at} gmail {dot} com) and I'll pass the info on to the appropriate parties to get your spoils sent on their way!

I'll draw the winner for the $25 CSN Stores gift code after the drawing ends tonight at midnight - head over there if you still want a chance to win.

Please note: I was offered these items from the providers (listed on the original giveaways) to share with my readers. I did not receive anything and I was not paid for my opinions. 

1 comment:

Natalie Jane said...

YAY TO ME!!!! Thank you !!!

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